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Munin System
System Information
MineCraft Server

=============================[ /etc/motd ]================================

HOST IPv6 : 2002:d040:25cd::1

READ: Press Statement

--- VMware v8, 2 socket, 4 cores, 16GB RAM, 1x250gb vmdk SAS ---

This is a private server, if you need a shell account, you can donate
to get access to, but read the above Press Statement

If stupid people do stupid things thru my servers, I cannot protect or
or help you. Nor will the EFF or the ACLU.
"You are responsible for your own levels of stupidity"

Thank you for using

Donations are accepted to my paypal account for this
project. It goes towards bandwidth and hardware costs.

Thank you #2600 & #ca2600 & #telephreak users !

21FEB15 - brain has been rebuilt, hardware retired, web site updated.

18MAR15 - Cleaning up after rebuild all is well. Mounted up
FreeNAS w/ 6TB of storage in /mnt/

23APR15 - email works username @, use mutt

03FEB16 - new https & znc certificates from
Unpin old certs, disable accept invalid certificates.
StartSSL Certificates will be expired/revoked soon.

21JUN16 - updated Minecraft Server to v1.10 Frostburn
- updated Gentoo & services
21SEP16 - irssi updated

16APR17 - full system updates, kernel update, reboot expected after 562 days

05FEB18 - updated system, and world, expect reboots soon. MOSH installed.